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Morning Neurosis

Is there life after music?

Juliette Miranda isn't quite sure. While living out her dreams in Los Angeles, she is forced to make an unexpected return to her hometown where she must struggle to save her relationships, and sanity, from the long shadows of her rock 'n' roll past.

Despite her best efforts, some issues refuse to stay locked in her closet. By recounting tales of her past - like the rock star boyfriend who sang more romantic songs to his dog than to her, or being abandoned in Jamaica by a drugged-out Jim Morrison wanna-be - Juliette hopes to understand her present.

Her chronicle reveals an open, passionately honest look at a girl whose life isn't turning out exactly as she hoped. Her morning neuroses become the vanguard to a broader story that incorporates her loving yet crazy family, indelible friendships, and career mishaps.

Lightly fictionalized to protect the identities of the not-so-innocent, Morning Neurosis is more than a kiss and tell. It's an intimate look into Miranda's real life experiences as she strives to find love, music ... and herself.

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What Readers/Listeners Say

  • This is a wonderful, honest and at times hilarious memoir. You really get the feeling she's bared her soul in this book, and the insights and stories are fascinating. A great read!

    Elizabeth - Amazon Review of Morning Neurosis
  • I went into reading this book as a fun, summer, light read novel. What i found was one of the most relatable books i have read in a long time. It definitely brought to life some of the struggles we face in relationships. I remember clearly the desperation of wanting that "one" to feel as strongly about us as we do about them. Being in a relationship now that is truly amazing makes me reflect that perhaps when we long for that so badly and try so desperately that it truly is not right. Should come to us and we deserve to be loved as much as we love.

    Susan - Amazon Review of Morning Neurosis
  • I loved this book. It is a great read. Each chapter leaves you thinking "what's going to happen next". It's a story of love and heartache. I think anyone can relate to her problems on the relationship level. A lot of people dream of doing some of the things that Juliette has done, but she shows you that sometimes dreams don't turn out quite the way you hope.

    Mary - Amazon Review of Morning Neurosis